Capital- Panaji
Largest city- Vasco da Gama
Language- Konkani
Currency- Indian Rupee

Goa has become inevitable tourist destination as it nestles between sea and hills. Goa is one of the most beautiful tourist place in India. Being most favorable place in India It is easily accessible by air,road and rail.

The nearest international airport is Dabolim which is situated near Vasco de Gama.You have to cover  distance of 29km off Panaji to reach the airport. The airport supports all domestic airline operating to goa. On arrival one can take prepaid taxies on 30meter while exiting from main building.

Rail system is perfect when it comes to connection to Goa.Indian railway’s are well connected to Goa from various places like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Mangalore, Kochi, Kolkatta, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore Chennai. The destination station is usually Madgaon in south Goa and Thivim in north Goa.The train route is one of the well known journey as it passes through various tunnels and greenery.

There are several bus routes that comes from various states of India, but most traffic is from Maharashtras Mumbai and Pune. In seasons like Christmas, New year, Carnival it becomes so much rush in Goa where one has to book tickets in advance.
The cost for bus comes around 800-1200.

There is another interesting transport available to Goa and that is by Sea .Tourist can also take benefits of ferry service for Goa.There are some shipping companies which provides boat service from Mumbai to Panaji.
Recently cruise has started for goa from Mumbai doc and cost goes around 2500-3500 per person.

Goa is 609km from Mumbai, 485km from Pune, 592km from Bangalore, 360km from Mangalore. Ride to Goa from various cities is adventure in its own.Where if you take Konkan route you will have to pass through various mountains.

Bike ride to goa has become dream to every traveller. It gives memorable experience for life time and a story to tell everyone. February 2018 was the first time I along with my friend drove long distance on my bike and guess what it was Goa where we rode throughout one night. NH 48 was the road where we drove bike from Mumbai-Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Panaji. This road has nothing apart from 4ways road to drive. While coming back from Goa to Mumbai our route was NH 17 that comes from Panaji-Kankavli-Chiplun-Panvel. This road comes with mountain scenic view where you have to cross mountains. This was first long drive experience, 
It took us almost 12-13hours to reach Goa from Navi Mumbai 
We had left at 9pm in the late evening and reached north goa by almost 9;30in morning.As I had been to south Goa earlier also so this time our target was to explor north Goa 2days and 1days Malvan while coming back from same route.
Our total 3days expense was like following:
Fuel cost of 3days-2400
food of 3days-3000
stay cost-1k for room for 1day
other day we did camping at malvan with our own camping gears.
scuba diving-700 per head.
Every traveller must do coastal ride from Mumbai to Goa.


Best season to travel Goa is from November to February where one can enjoy various carnivals or sunburn festival.

Situated on Konkan coast in western India,Goa is always a attraction for Traders, Merchants, Seafarers, Monk and Missionaries as it was one of the major trading center of India. In third century BC Mauryas Empire was first Empired who claimed Goa followed by Satavahanas of Kolhapur then Chalukyas of Badami. In 1321 Mughals took control on Goa but they did not take Goan beaches under their control, as a result It went under control of Portuguese when they came to India in 1510.Then they took control over spice route for almost 450 years.It was ideal place for them as it consist of wide Rivers and Natural harbour’s. They came to rule and they became part of  land since. Most of buildings and curches are remain in Portuguese style as it was constructed by Portuguese architectural style. In the later part of 18th century Portuguese were defeated by Marathas, trade of Portuguese ended in 1961, after the Indian Army entered the Goa.Later Goa was officially declared 25th state of India in 1987.After few years Konkani language of Goa was considered one of the 22 official regional language of India. It is known for having one of the highest income in fishing, farming tourism and iron ore mining which contributes highest figure in its economy.

Goa which is considered as most westernized state of India Territory as the inhabitants of Goa adopted western culture. Goa is rich with cultural heritage that includes folk songs, dances, music, visual arts and folk tales, The Goans are fond of football.
It is known as multi ethnic state with majority of Hindu, Muslim and Catholic minority. They live in perfect harmony and participate in each others relegious festivals. Goa is famous for its Indo Latin festival specially the carnival when people visits from across countries, Other popular festival in Goa are Shigmo the spring festival and Shivratri. New year is celebrated in Goa with special show.
Nightlife in Goa is fascinating. Bars and restaurants are in abundance in Goa as it is most admired tourist destination of India. It is also became dream destination for every foreign tourists. Night out and rave parties are held in beaches and clubs. Liquors and seafoods of Goa attracts the tourist.


Being one of the famous destination of India all the places from Goa are worth visiting. From the beaches in Goa, to the national park, hills, churches, Forts,  markets and backwater. You will find virtually everything in this small state. There are so many choices that may confuse you to visit in one time, so here is the list of must see places in Goa which needs to be add in the bucket list.
Goa has more number of museums, art galleries and libraries. You will find many government run museums in Panaji including Goa state museum, central library, Goa science center. Old Goa is great place to see Christian religious art.

BAGA BEACH in north Goa is one of most popular beaches from Goa. The Baga River is in the north, Calangute beach is also popular which is in south. The Baga Calangute strech is one of the longest sandy shores in Goa. You will find many beach shacks, clubs, restaurants, shops, night clubs, and water sports activity including Banana ride, speed boat, paddle boarding, paragliding, surf boarding and more. Club Tito’s, Café Mambo are two famous Goas nightclub, both are in Baga. Calangute has become crowded now with most traffic in this area. This beach is full of indian tourists.

ARAMBHOL BEACH is quiet and virgin beach of Goa which lies in North Goa. The nature has gifted lot of beauty. There are many water sports available like paragliding, parasailing, many masaj options, a very big beach market. Sweet lake is one of the miracle wherein sweet water lake is touching the sea. The deep forest behind the sweet lake is also attraction in itself. Arambhol beach is 25km from Baga beach and one of clean beach of Goa where most of Russian visit there.

ANJUNA BEACH is another popular beach from north Goa but destination which has seen Hippie culture long back and whose flea market still stands on number one position which is held on every Wednesday. Shopping lover can enjoy lot of bargaining at flea market. A good mix of Gujarati, Kashmiri, Tibetan shops make this one of the most sought after places. The most famous beach amongst foreigners. This sea side is well known for back packers, hippies, long stayers, and one who are looking for cheap stays or guesthouse.

PALOLEM BEACH (CANACONA) is a stretch of white sand at south goa. It is known for night silent club where club goer’s wear headphones. Best time to visit is sunset time which gives beautiful view of sunset. Good eating options are available. It is also covered by thick forest of coconut palm. It is located at 43km from Madgaon , and 76km from Panaji.

Patnem beach is also quiet beach in Canacona Taluka. It is almost same as Palolem Beach.

MORJIM BEACH is a beautiful beach inherited by Russian tourist. This place is popular among kite surfers due to shallow depth of sea  and wide beach. Prices are high with many restaurants offering Russian cuisine. Nightlife is vibrant here.
MANDREM BEACH is an another beach in extreme north Goas Pernem Taluka.

COLVA BEACH the beaches spectacles of sea ,sand and sky blend in enchanting natural hormony. weaving their magic spell on visitors. Known for its scenic beauty. This is part of salcate, Goas only catholic majority subdistrict.once a very hospitable area, now relation are getting monetized thanks to tourism. Beware of mountains of trash on beach and nearby locations, stray dogs and bad odors.

CANDOLIM AND SINQUERIM BEACH is in north Goas Bardez taluka. Once humble fishing villages. Now the crowded concretised coast of North Goa.

CHAPORA FORT is close to Vagator and Anjuna beach. Also site for fishing jetty where trawlers bring in there catch. Dil Chahta Hai movies one song was shot at this place. Chapora fort offers mesmerizing view of sea and both the beaches. It’s a bit difficult to find a way to fort, but bikers won’t mind it . Built on hill top. Fort offers some resistance for climbing up. Chapora village offers some interesting mix, small market with lot of eateries, juice centres , roof top restaurants and cheap stays.

FORT AGAUDA AND IT’S LIGHT HOUSE is well preserved seventeenth century Portuguese fort standing in Goa India on Sinquerium Beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. The fort was constructed in 1612 to guard against Dutch and Marathas. It was the reference point for the vessels coming from Europe at that time. This old Portuguese fort stands on beach south of Candolim at the shore of Mandovi River. Agauda is water and It is one of the biggest freshwater storage at that time in whole of Asia. This fort has two segment: Upper part which is for water storage, gunpowder room, light house and Lower part for berths of sheeps.

It is no exaggeration to call Goa, a city of churches which are a proof of rich history of beach city. During the initial stage of Portuguese rule in the city building of church was a  favoured activity, mainly because they wanted to spread christianity and convert as many people as possible. These churches are famous for tourists. Here is the list of churches that you can not miss in Goa.

BOM JESUS BASILICA built in 1605, the Basilica has the mortal remains of st.francis Xavier, one of the patron saint of Goa. It is known for its distinctive baroque architecture that has a display of architectural piece in wood, stone, gold and granite. Francis Xavier dead while aboard a sheep and his body were taken Malacca but it was decided that he should be buried in Goa. After two years It was noticed that his body was not decomposed, which was not less than miracle. After every 10 years his body is put for public display in silver casket designed in 17th century.
SE CATHEDRAL built in 1619, one of the largest church in Asia which took around 80years to get constructed. It was built to remember the victory of Portuguese over Muslim rulers in the city. The building has the golden bell that can be heared in whole Goa. Located in old Goa. One of the bell tower was destroyed during a lightning storm.

CHURCH OF ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI built in 1661 located on the back of Se Cathedral. This church is beautiful piece of ancient workmanship. The structure has a striking painted panel showcasing the life of St Francis of Assisi on the wall. The church also has an octagonal tabernacle decorated in an ornate style.

CHURCH OF OUR LADY  OF IMMACULATE CONCEPTION built in 1541, a famous landmark of Goa, It is the oldest church situated in Panaji. The towers of church has statue of Mother Mary at the front. Around 450years old, this church was built to welcome sailers home. This church is largely visited even today by Catholic Devote and has been beautifully preserved. The bell of the church is second largest in the world.

SHRI MANGESHI TEMPLE is dedicated to deity lord Shiva. Shri Mangesh temple is located at  Mangeshi at priol in Ponda Taluka, 1km from Mardol close to Nagueshi, 22km from Panaji. This temple is famous for its pristine glory, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. In Mahashivratri festival here you can see a very big fair. In 1560, anticipating the onslaught of Portuguese, the devotees had moved Shrii Mangesh Santadurgai Prasanna Shivlinga from Kutthal to safer place under a Hindu Prince. Surrounded by Hillocks and covered by dense forests, the Shivlinga was kept at a place, which now is known as Mangeshi.
The Peshwas donated in 1739, the village of Mangeshi to the temple  on the suggestions of their Sardar, Shri Ramchandra Malhar Sukhtankar, who was life long devotee of  Shri Mangesh.Known for its natural beauty and pleasant surrounding, Mangesh is still a hamlet with about  1000families. But It is a center of culture and the musicians from this place have earned countrywide.

DIVING-The season is between October to May. Diving is not possible during monsoon in India. The local diving here consist of dive sites around Grande Island, just off the coast neat Vasco da Gama. The dive sites are mostly 8-12m deep. And visibilities varies through the season. Marine life is abundant with many species of Reef fish, hard and soft corals and several ship wrecks to dive. Several dive center conduct PADI courses and organise dive courses to Pigeon Island in the neighbouring state of Karnataka.

KITESURFING is certainly not the best place to try Kitesurfing but it still has something to offer. Check Morjim, Arambhol and Aswem beaches in north Goa. You can find instructor’s in Morjim which charges you around 8000 to 12000 for initial course.

  • PARAGLIDING- Check Arambhol beach in north Goa for tandem paragliders.
  • JET-SKI AND BANANA RIDE- Goa has one of the cheapest beach adventure sports rate. Head to Anjuna or Baga beach during day time and you will find many small group of vendor’s offering these. With small groups you can bargain to 800-1000 for Jet-ski ride, Banana ride. This activities are also available on less popular beaches.

  • BEACHES-One can enjoy Goas famous beach ride. Don’t forget to carry sun tan, towel, chappals along when hitting to beach. Beach beds can hire on 100rs per hour. Bargain for free beach bed if you are ordering food from beach shacks.
  • Chill-out at disco’s and pubs.
  • Visit to Anjuna flea market.

                   THINGS TO BUY IN GOA
  • Wines
  • Cashew-Nuts
  • Local music
  • Handicrafts.
  • Mhapusa market on every Friday attracts most of foreigners.

The goan daily diet consists of rice and fish curry with pickel on side and fried fish. This can be found in many beach shacks. The goan cuisine is blend of Portuguese and local flavours. Many dishesh such as Prawn balchao and kingfish in garlic have distinct Portuguese flavour. Cuisine is mostly seafood based. Rather than going to fancy restaurant better to go to local places where tasty food is served.
Goa has liquor and wine which is low in price. Product available range from wine to oddly name Indian made foreign liquor which includes whisky, brandy, rum, gin, vodka and many more. Local liquors basically cashew and coconut fenny. There are this two local brews long made and drunk in goa, cashew fenny and coconut fenny. Goas fenny making has been much focused on.



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